Newcomer Program


Preparing Students for Transition to Mainstream Classrooms


English Language Arts

  • Build foundational English language
  • Build beginning literacy skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking


  • Build math vocabulary and language
  • Develop grade appropriate math skills

Science/Social Studies

  • Build basic vocabulary in Science and Social Studies
  • Develop Science and Social Studies concepts

Who Qualifies?

  • K- 6 Elementary Students
  • Residents of Appleton
  • New to the United States (less than 1 year)
  • Level 1 Fluency in English based on initial assessment

Where is it Housed?

McKinley Elementary School
1125 East Taft Ave.
Appleton , WI 54914

Is Transportation Provided?

Yes, if McKinley is NOT your Home School, ONLY while your child qualifies for the Newcomer Program.

How long can my child Attend Newcomers?

Up to 2 full school years.

After Newcomer Program…
  • Exit Criteria Considerations
  • ACCESS Test Score
  • Reading Benchmark
  • Classroom Performance
  • MAPS Scores

What happens after my child completes the Newcomer Program?
Your child may attend his/her home school and be in ELL. If your home school does NOT have an ELL program the district will provide bussing to a nearby school with ELL.

What if I want my child to continue at McKinley?

Apply for Open Enrollment in January of the current school year, to attend McKinley the next school year. If Open Enrolled at McKinley, ELL services will be provided.

When Open Enrolled, you may transport your child to McKinley by:

  • Driving your child daily
  • Contacting AASD Transportation Department to request bussing on an available route for which you will need to pay


Amy Swick
English Language Learner (ELL) Program Coordinator
(920) 832-1729

Andrea Vinje
McKinley School Principal
(920) 832-6326

Sarah Wright, Newcomer Teacher, email
Lisa Blenker, Newcomer Teacher, email
Ai Lee, ELL Teacher, email