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Our School

McKinley Building


Create a nurturing place for each student to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in a safe, caring environment.

"The MJ Way"

Be responsible. Be respectful. Be safe.

Value Statements

  • Utilizing "best teaching practices" based on current research
  • Acceptance of new educational strategies and ideas
  • Instruction based on district and state curricular standards
  • High academic expectations which challenge all students to reach their full potential
  • Integration of appropriate and effective technology and multimedia resources
  • Analyzing data to identify student needs and improve instruction and performance
  • Encouraging the intrinsic joy of learning
  • Recognition of achievements/accomplishments
  • Promotion of physical and emotional wellness
  • Collaboration of staff, families, and community to meet the needs of students
  • Creation and maintenance of a safe and welcoming environment
  • Respect and compassion that supports everyone within McKinley's diverse community
  • Nurturing the principles of integrity for responsible decision-making
  • Personal responsibility and accountability
  • Fostering citizenship for our global community
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Message from the Principal

McKinley is one of six elementary schools in the East Cluster of Appleton, feeding into James Madison Middle School and East High School.

We believe in a Multi-Level System of Support, where students grow as a whole child (emotionally, physically, and academically). Our staff is dedicated to ensuring a supportive, nurturing environment where students are taught to be safe, responsible and respectful.

Academically, students are monitored to ensure individual student growth is attained, providing supports and interventions to reach this goal if necessary. Parent involvement is the number one factor to student success; we continue to encourage and foster communication and involvement, thankful for the wonderful support already in place.

Being a part of children’s lives and the determination to make a difference has been instilled in me from little on. Realizing that it takes a village and working with all those involved to reach the whole child is imperative for student success. I feel fortunate to be part of the McKinley family and community, working together to make a difference!

Andrea Vinje
McKinley Principal